10 On-the-Cheap DIY Ideas to Make Your Living Room Look Expensive

jojo cruzado on August 31, 2019

Everybody loves the living room and the thought of decorating (re-decorating) it always seems like a blissful and easy task. Whether you’re the type who casually has guests over to visit or just want to decorate for fun, the designs you come across online usually sparks that imagination to upgrade your living room to a more stylish, minimal, or modern look. We don’t blame you; it happens!

But one common thing that gets in the way is the possible expenses of the whole makeover. Making your living room look expensive doesn’t actually have to entailsky-high costs.

We’ve gathered our best tips and cost-effective ideas to upgrade and spice up your living room.

1. Showcase your collection.

One smart and stylish way to decorate your living room and add an expensive accent to it is putting together a beautiful collection of the same item. Items like antiques, candles, and even books, work best for this idea.

If you don’t have any at home, you can always head over to a thrift store and buy multiples of the same item. A collection can literally be anything. They may not look stylish on their own but you can make them look like a beautiful and curated collection when arranged together.

You can also make a bouquet by pulling together a bunch of floral items or just sprinkle place them all throughout your living room to bring everything together into one cohesive look.

2. Choose furniture that doubles as storage.

Couch with storage

Truth is, going minimal doesn’t always mean minimal expenses. One way you can cut the cost (and at the same time staying true to both the concept and style of minimalism) is choosing furniture that also functions as storage units. This not only lessens expenses but also allows you to stay organized and live clutter free.

Even if you aren’t going for minimal, this idea can certainly benefit you in more ways than one. Choosing furniture that doubles as storage is equally decorative and functional.

3. Use stylist tips to style your own pieces.


The internet serves as a free styling consultant. You can easily look up stylist tips and tricks to style your own furniture. For example, if you have an inexpensive sofa at home, you can use throw pillows whose colors complement that of your abode’s to make it get that expensive aesthetic.

You don’t have to spend tons of money to make your living room look decorative and beautiful. Even something as simple as being familiar with the color theory can make your furniture look visually appealing even if all of them come from cheap stuff you already own.

4. Consider DIY embellishments.

DIY Decor

One way to make your inexpensive decor look pricey is to do some DIY embellishments. For example, you can take something as simple as plain white drapes and use your sewing machine or even some fabric glue to add some tassel trim that is going to take your drapes to a whole new level—and it wouldn’t even cost you much!

It doesn’t just work with drapes; adding some DIY trims to embellished items such as bags and baskets is a great way make them look more expensive than they actually are.

5. Mix the cheap with the expensive

Fake and Real Flower Arrangement

When you’re out looking for decorations, it’s not an expensive-only or budget products-only game. You can actually mix and match items and decide what you want or don’t want invest in.

This works best with floral arrangements in your home, you can take fake florals and mix them together with real flowers (which are more expensive) and you can make a full arrangement out of it. This actually tricks the eye, and by seeing a portion of the real flowers, you assume all the flowers in that arrangement are real.

Don’t be afraid to mix higher end items with cheaper ones to create a really custom and personal look without spending tons of money.

6. Mix in some greenery.


Adding some greenery to your room doesn’t only make it look luxurious, it also gives your living room a fresher vibe. You may want to consider choosing plants that compliments your space. Potted plants and large ferns works best indoors and sure enough, a touch of that green accent can easily transform an average-looking place to a luxury space.

7. Add texture.

Wood and Metal Furniture

More than what you see, decorating your living room to get that expensive look goes way beyond just sight; it has to feel expensive as well. One way you can achieve this is by incorporating texture from glass, wood, or woven materials. Mix it together with our first tip and make a collection out of it rather than simply mixing and matching them really takes that vibe to a different level.

8. Stay lit.


Good lighting makes a huge difference when you want to give your home a fresh new and expensive look without spending too much. Adding depth by making use of different light sources like lampshades, pendant light, and plug-in sconces is a cheap trick and affordable way to light up your room without emptying your wallet.

9. Paint it up!

Color Palette

Anyone who does DIY work knows you can’t go without paint—and for good reason. Paint literally works wonders for decors and you can use it to make your living room look vibrant too! You can take any decor accessory like a hardwood surface or a basket and customizing it to get that personal taste just by painting it.

If you’re not the type who enjoys painting, you can always invest in large-scale art. No, not those generic and mass-produced paintings you see displayed on the department store. Not only are those expensive, but they usually carry no personal significance whatsoever. Aesthetically pleasing yet affordable art pieces are usually found in secondhand and thrift shops.

Not only does large-scale art saves you space decor, it also grabs attention and sparks a conversation whenever your guests come over.

10. Keep a clean and clutter-free space.

Neat and Clean Home

It’s not about going out and spending money on a new furniture piece, sometimes, a simple declutter does the trick. Keeping a clean and clutter free space is the key to make your place look expensive.

Less is more, and sometimes less decor is best. One thing that instantly makes your living room look expensive without spending a penny is to get rid of all your clutter and make sure your home is well-organized.

You don’t have to spend a ton of money to make your home look expensive, decorative and beautiful. By using these hacks, tricks, and DIY ideas for your living room makeover, you can enjoy the benefits of inexpensive, expensive-looking comfort and luxury.

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