How to Arrange Condo Designs for Small Spaces

Alex on June 13, 2019

With the slew of new condominiums coming out the past few years, it is no wonder people are starting to look into buying one instead of investing in a house and lot. Of course, people invest on real-estate properties for many reasons but what makes condo units so popular is that they are perfect for students or young professionals fresh in the workforce who are usually looking for a place closer to where they work. It is also perfect for newly married couples. Not only are these living spaces convenient, they also offer a sense of security and safety as they’re typically situated within or near the city.

However, there is also no doubt arranging your space can be quite overwhelming, especially if you’re a condo owner who has to deal with a small space. There is a lot of challenge in trying to make your space look expansive and not cramped. Oh, and let’s not forget the struggle of finding room for all of your stuff, so you won’t have to chuck them out.

Looking at design magazines might help, but we think the most effective way is too look at the totality of your unit, and look for areas that need improvement where you can add resourceful solutions. Still find it confusing? Fear not. Below are some creative and clever tips to help you start designing that dream condo of yours without having to spend too much time and money.

Think about your needs

When working with small spaces, you would have to plan and think of the area you would be using a lot, based on your preferences or needs. For example, if you’re not really into cooking because of your busy schedule and like writing and reading instead, you can free up more space by getting rid of those huge appliances. Opt for simple yet necessary ones– a smaller sink, and even a small, round dining table so you can use more space for your study area.

Use light colors instead of dark ones

Everybody knows dark colors make small spaces appear even smaller, so sticking to lighter hues such as white, beige, or creamy pastels are sure to make your place seem brighter and airy. If this sounds too boring for you, worry not, for you can always accentuate with vibrant-colored furniture and accessories, and put in some flowers and greens around the place to make it more cheery. On the other hand, if you do decide to use dark colors for your space, compensate it with whites and light-colored furniture and decor.

Maximize space

Be smart in how you use every area in the room, and make sure not a single space is wasted. For your study desk, it might be smart to use that small space beside your closet, perhaps, to attach your desk to the wall. This would be perfect as you could also mount shelves above the desk for your books and other things, allowing more storage space. Mounting your TV on the wall in a small living area would give you ample space to move around.

Add mirrors and good lighting

It is quite known in the design field that adding mirrors, would perfectly do the trick of visually expanding a space. You can also go for smaller ones and use them as stylish decorations on walls.

Lastly, all these design tips and tricks would not shine through if the space does not have good lighting. An optimized space that is well lit and highlights design accents would surely make a very functional and cozy home.

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