Top Interior Design Trends of 2019

mvrx designs on July 5, 2019

Interior designing has gone through many trends for the past few decades, with several motifs and themes influencing the top in-thing every year. Many styles have been followed by designers in their own homes while there are others that have only graced owners’ walls for a short period. Some you might want to meld into your own house, others you might just ditch into a garbage can. Nonetheless, MVRX Designs has incorporated these trends into their own portfolio, aiming for that classy but functional look everybody seems to be loving nowadays.

Here are the top seven interior design trends for 2019:

  1. Natural influences

plant interior designSpots of color are always a great addition to have in a workplace, especially when it comes from something natural and healthy. Plants, shrubbery and flowers are always welcome in a home that aspires to have a cozy and warm feeling in its surroundings. In addition, when discussing natural influences, this trend is not entirely limited to indoor plants only. What can help to give your house a lighter vibe are natural resources such as stone, copper, and granite. This sets an organic feel to the house, which can make it more inviting for guests and relatives to come over.

  1. Metallic designs

dark themed interior designMetal gives off an industrial look to its surroundings while also allowing for a perfectly balanced definition into the environment. Examples of these metals involve brass, gold, or nickel. Furthermore, they aim to add dimension and texture to any living space. Copper adds a warm, golden hue to an area while corrugated metal gives off a rustic and homespun look to your walls. Metals can imbue your room with different moods but it’s mostly up to you decide on how you incorporate it into your personal tastes.

  1. Artisan effects

artisan effect interior designLocal art and paintings have been featured numerous times in interior designing since they help to create a distinctive and unique environment. People pick out artisanal fixtures they particularly like so their home often has bits of their personality scattered around. Besides, having objects that artists have created provides an insight into a heritage, culture or backstory that only the artist and occupant would know about. It can also serve as a great anecdote for when friends and family come over.

  1. Floral patterns

floral accent interior designYou read it right—floral patterns are making a comeback. There are so many things you can do with a floral pattern, such as incorporating it into curtains, quilts, throw pillows or even artworks you can frame on the wall. Having floral designs gives your living area a fresh and vibrant feel to it but this should be treaded carefully because it can also be very difficult to match with what you already have. It’s best to consult with an expert interior designer before buying anything floral-related.

  1. Velvety textures

velvet sala set interior designWant to look sophisticated and luxurious? Then velvet is definitely the furnishing for you. Not only does it look regal and elegant in your living room, but it also allows a sense of coziness all around. Most people hesitate in picking velvet because it’s harder to clean and easier to stain. However, through many advances in fabric technology, velvet is becoming mainstream.

  1. Bold colors

bold color interior designIf you want your home to stand out, you need to think big. Bold. Which is why a new trend that’s been popping up in 2019 is the use of bold colors, such as red, pink, yellow, and even green. The key is knowing how to match the colors right. Richer hues inside your home can make certain pieces of furniture or appliances stand out, just as long as it’s paired with equally flattering, muted colors.

  1. Less is definitely MORE!

minimalist bedroomEverybody enjoys simplicity at its finest since everything looks orderly and clean, which is why minimalism is still going strong. While minimalism might be a trend that not everybody enjoys, most of us would agree with the phrase “less is more.” Certain aspects of your living area are highlighted prominently while also giving space for visitors to appreciate the décor even more with less clutter around. Most people would apply this trend in the kitchen but it’s welcome anywhere else.

Your home is your safe space so it’s entirely up to you to decide which trends you’d rather have. But it’s best to reach out for the professionals to help you out in creating the perfect house—one of those professionals happen to be MVRX Designs who offers units with influences ranging from Scandinavian to Modern.

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